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Investment Planning & Management

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Investment Planning

We understand that there is a different meaning and purpose behind every client’s investment account. A client’s purpose may be, but is not limited to:

  • Creating a comfortable and secure retirement
  • Leaving a legacy for future generations
  • Philanthropic desires
  • Creating and securing a future after a divorce or loss of a spouse
  • Managing and caring for an inheritance gift
  • The sale of a successful business
  • College education for children and grandchildren

The Prosperity Consulting Group gives great care and attention to each clients unique purpose. We provide custom financial planning and investment advice. We then recommend investment solutions aligned with a client’s purpose.

As we design clients’ portfolios, we believe in the following principals:

  • Creating a written Investment Policy Statement for every client – a well thought out framework for how an account will be allocated and invested
  • Asset allocation and diversification
  • Determining the risk a client must take to reach desired results
  • Independent research and analysis
  • The power of dividends
  • Investing is a process and requires a long-term approach

Investment Management

Once invested, our firm consistently manages clients’ accounts. We recognize that success is not measured by short-term results, but rather by long-term performance goals. Each client’s investor profile is thoughtfully compromised with specific goals, time horizons and risk tolerance in mind. We then discover the objectives, needs and concerns of our clients. This enables us to develop an investment plan that is best suited for them.

Our portfolios are managed using a combination of active and passive management styles, based on the belief that while passive (index-based) investment management is well-diversified and effective in some parts of the markets, not all parts of all markets are suited to the passive approach. In those areas that our advisors deem as less efficient, stocks and bonds may be chosen.

Our in-house investment committee insures that the products recommended are meeting clients standards. The investment committee uses sophisticated technology to evaluate a wide range of investments and manage clients’ investment portfolios. We understand that having a well-diversified portfolio is essential for long-term success.  Therefore, we ensure our clients are properly positioned no matter what is going on in the market. 

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