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Divorce Financial Planning

Going through a divorce can be complicated, emotionally challenging and expensive. Our role is to help you understand how the financial decision you make today, will impact your financial future. Our goal is to work with you, pre- and post-divorce, to make divorce less stressful and as financially beneficial as possible.

Pre-Divorce Financial Planning

Analyze and provide expertise related to the financial issues of divorce:

  • Identifying the short-term and long-term effects of dividing property
  • Integrating tax issues
  • Analyzing pension and retirement plan issues
  • Determining affordability of the matrimonial home / proposing alternatives
  • Evaluating the client’s insurance needs
  • Bringing an innovative and creative approach to settling cases

Our team includes a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)® that also specializes in:

  • Providing the client and attorney with data reflecting the financial effect of any given divorce settlement
  • Analyzing financial scenarios and projections for clients based upon financial goals, risk tolerance, expenses, lifestyle desires, etc. to make sure clients do not outlive their money
  • Appearing as an expert witness in court, mediation or arbitration proceedings
  • Helping clients identify future financial goals and set retirement objectives
  • Helping clients develop a budget
  • College education planning for children

Post-Divorce Financial Planning

Walk clients through everything that must be done post-divorce:

  • Updating titling of accounts, beneficiaries and estate planning documents
  • Understanding new tax requirements
  • Accessing need for asset protection and insurance
  • College education planning for children
  • Navigating health care

Post-Divorce Financial Planning, Portfolio Design and Investing:

  • Analyzing financial scenarios and projections for clients based upon financial goals, risk
  • tolerance, expenses, lifestyle desires, etc. (to ensure clients do not outlive their money)
  • Creating a budget and managing income and expenses
  • Investing for retirement according to a client’s risk tolerance and financial goals
  • Employ a strategy of exchange traded funds, mutual funds, dividend paying stocks, individual
  • bonds, and separately managed accounts when appropriate
  • Manage accounts with a principled investment approach believing:
    • Patience in investing adds considerable value
    • Investment fees and taxes must always be considered and analyzed
    • Income producing/high turnover securities are more heavily weighted to retirement
    • accounts
    • Low turnover/passive securities placed in non-retirement accounts
  • Tax-loss harvesting

At The Prosperity Consulting Group, our mission is to help clients embrace life and prepare for a comfortable future. We act as a fiduciary when providing investment advice, placing our clients’ interests ahead of our own.

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The Prosperity Consulting Group registered as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in 2005. We have with a passion for providing clients with objective investment advice and wealth management solutions. Our purpose, coupled with our fiduciary commitment, is essential in helping clients achieve their financial goals. Our firm is dedicated to providing unparalleled financial planning and investment advice to individuals, families, businesses and institutions. We have identified key areas that are critical and integral to a client’s financial success. These planning areas encompass: Investment Planning & Management Retirement Planning Estate Planning Tax Planning Business Planning Insurance Planning Income Protection & Asset Preservation Education Planning 401(k) Planning
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