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Expressed vs. Unexpressed Wishes: Understanding What Your Customer Craves

June 11th, 2018 | Written by

Unexpressed wishes

Recently my husband and I went to Universal Studios Orlando – a magical place for adults and children alike. Although, we are big Harry Potter dorks and loved seeing the attractions, one thing we didn’t expect was the magic we’d feel. While we wanted the thrill of riding the grandest coaster and the delicious taste of our very first Butterbeer, we ended up leaving our trip with much more, a childlike sense that maybe.just maybe…. magic is real.

On our flight back to Baltimore, we sat talking about how much my husband’s sister would love Orlando and that we should bring her the next time we visit. All of our desires were fulfilled, we were gladly telling our friends, and we were already planning our next trip.

Now… I know what you are thinking – Universal Studios is an empire of cinematic experience and a park of endless attractions. How can my business create that kind of magic?

No matter what your industry, you are serving someone – a business, an individual person, or a family – that is your consumer.  For Universal Orlando, I was their consumer and they did a magnificent job of fulfilling my expressed and unexpressed wishes. An expressed wish is something your consumer has literally asked you for verbally or by way of simply hiring you to do your job. For example, if you’re a roofer and they’ve hired you to fix their roof, that is their expressed wish.

However, to truly engage your consumer, create a meaningful bond and make you irreplaceable in their life, you need to consider their unexpressed wishes. Unexpressed wishes are things your customer isn’t asking you for directly, but they crave or want in some way. Unexpressed wishes may be as simple as greeting them at the door for a meeting, having their favorite soft drink on the table upon arrival, or helping them park their car if they are handicapped. The key to fulfilling unexpressed wishes is to create little moments of “wow” to create a big impact on your relationship.

Fulfilling unexpressed wishes is not difficult. It requires a little bit of effort and a special dose of attention to who your consumer is. As you start working with a new consumer, keep tabs on who they are, what they like and their general preferences. If you use a CRM, make a field for the occasion. For example, if your customer mentions that they are planning their daughter’s wedding next year, note the date and send them a gift. By the time the wedding rolls around they will forget that they told you about it and be left thinking “How did they know?!”

The benefits of fulfilling unexpressed wishes can be game-changing for your business. Turn ordinary moments into extraordinary moments and benefit by:

Boosting your referrals and creating a positive “buzz”

Do you remember the last time you were “wowed” by a company? Did you tell anyone? Although people generally spread the news when they have a bad experience, you can boost the positive “buzz” by going consistently beyond your call of duty.

Creating repeat business and becoming irreplaceable in your client’s life

Once they had that magical “wow” moment, you will be the first person they think of when they need your service again. They will engage with you on a more personal level and they will want to give you their business.

Creating actual friendships with your customers

At Prosperity, we have found that this often leads to lifelong friendships with our clients. Once you know when their kids are getting married, when they move, when their anniversary is, etc.… you are a part of their life every step of the way. Although there is no monetary benefit from this alone, it is arguably the most rewarding part of fulfilling unexpressed wishes.

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